Coming Soon: 2019 CWRU Day of Giving!

The prolonged winter weather has turned to typical spring weather here in Cleveland. June has arrived, our toes have been dipped into nice summer weather, and the big Day of Giving is only one week away!

Our team and partners across campus have been working hard to prepare for the CWRU tradition on June 11th. As in past years, we will hold the ever-popular live Thank You Stream. Once you make a gift, watch the live Thank You Stream on June 11th from 9am-6pm  to see your name!

This year, we want to make the 2019 CWRU Day of Giving experience bigger and better than before, so we added a couple new features for you! Like last year, there will be a variety show at the top of every hour; however, this year will feature original, never-before-seen content curated by students, CWRU alumni, faculty, and staff. Finally, we are excited to introduce you to the live stream personalities for the Day of Giving, co-hosts Ron Jantz and Aishwarya Arjunan (CWR ’10)! You won’t want to miss this year’s variety show.

As you know, our efforts are only as good as CWRU supporters, like you! Help us make 2019 CWRU Day of Giving bigger and better by making a gift toward our goal of 2,019 donors.

Spread the word to your CWRU friends, family, and communities!

We look forward to seeing you on June 11th! #CWRUALLIN

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