Starting Off on the Right Foot in 2018

HAPPY 2018!! When you think of the new year, what comes to mind? Resolutions, goals, habits, starting over, improvement? Most likely it’s thoughts along the lines of “new year, new you”. It would be a perfect segue at this point for me to write an article about ways to better yourself or rally behind you to “Make Those New Year’s Resolutions Come True!” But how can I expect to give advice on the topic if I don’t hold myself and The In Crowd blog accountable?

In terms of my professional betterment, I plan to make improvements to this blog. Upon the launch of this blog, I planned to post consistently, but I fell short on that commitment last year for several reasons. The main one being that I put so much pressure on myself to come up with great and original concepts to write about. Let’s be real though, not every post will be a huge revelation because you’ve heard most of what I have to say before from other sources. What makes this blog different is my unique perspective on the world of fundraising at CWRU, a view of what philanthropy looks like as a young professional, and the realizations and lessons that can be learned along the way. Naturally, throughout this process I am learning from you, too. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here and this blog wouldn’t exist.

That being said, thank you for your continued interest in The In Crowd Blog! This year I aim to keep this blog alive and well by posting on a more regular basis. For you, The In Crowd, make sure to keep coming back for more posts throughout the year and help keep me accountable.

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