Happy New Year (in July)!

Our countdown to the new year started months ago when there was still a lot left to do before we could officially wrap up the end of the year on July 1st. We had one more big hurdle before we could put the finishing touches on the 2017 academic year: the Day of Giving.

The CWRU ALL [in] Day of Giving was a great success! Thanks to you, it went even better than expected. Our donor goal this year was set at 1,113 with the hope that we would be able to break last year’s one day giving record – and we certainly did just that! We had 1,824 donors contribute a total of $460,480!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 was a busy day at the Alumni House and it ran smoothly, a testament to being well-prepared and to the power of teamwork. Although the team at GiveCampus, the platform for the Day of Giving, was doing the back-end work, the Office of Annual Giving and all other involved faculty, staff, and students were working hard to make data collection, email processes, and the live stream thank you video as seamless as possible.

This was my first ever Day of Giving, and going into the day I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the planning was complete and it was time to watch the day unfold. It was as incredible and exciting for me as it was for you to witness the CWRU community’s outpouring of philanthropic support on this day. I was impressed not only by the results, but the whole day and I couldn’t refresh my emails fast enough – the gifts just kept rolling in!  

A couple weeks later, on June 30, the 2017 academic year came to a close – Happy New Year to us! Thanks to you and the rest of the CWRU community, we were able to call this year a success! What does that look like for the Office of Annual Giving? It looks like the beginnings of drafting a plan for the new 2018 academic year; it smells like sweet success; and it feels like that moment you finish your last assignment or test for the last class of the year – when you close your laptop, hand in your scantron, or final paper. You can end the year knowing that did all you could do to the very best of your abilities.

But the celebration is certainly short lived since July 1 marked the start of the “new year” which means we start back at zero all over again – we need to do better than we did last year. We’re ready for the challenge and we hope you are too!

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