Are You Going All [in] on June 14th?

Welcome to the alumni family, Class of 2017! Best of luck to you as you start the next chapter in life.

The rest of the students have moved out of the dorms and campus is quiet; all seems to have simmered down now that summer is upon us. Meanwhile, things have been moving in the opposite direction at the Linsalata Alumni Center – we are busier than ever. We are preparing for our biggest day of the year: CWRU All [in] Day of Giving.

On June 14th, we will launch our fifth annual Day of Giving, a campus-wide fundraising effort. It is a time when we encourage the CWRU community to show what CWRU means to them, whether that be through sharing pictures of fond memories on social media, giving a gift to an area of campus, or just spreading the word about the Day of Giving. Throughout the last four years of this tradition you have built up the support and excitement. Last year, there were 1,112 gifts totalling $269,463 – you broke the single-day gift record! And this year, we are excited to try and break that previous mark!

Find out how All [in] you are for the #CWRUallin Day of Giving:

All [in]-vigorated

Take a walk down memory lane and go through your phone’s photo gallery, Facebook albums, Instagram gallery, or Twitter feed and pick out a few of your favorites. They say that the best years of your life are in college and as cliche as it might be, it’s true. Post a few #tbt and #fbf pictures with #CWRUallin on social media and tag your friends in those pictures and save the best for last for June 14th. On the big day, add your CWRU love to your newsfeed. When you see your friends’ resurfaced pictures be warned that you might catch the feels in the best way possible.

All [in]-volved

You’ve seen the great programs, projects, learning, and development that happens at CWRU. In your time here, you have experienced so much personal and academic growth that is so unique to CWRU. Philanthropy is woven into the fabric of CWRU and your gift, of any amount, will better your alma mater for future generations. Whichever area(s) of campus speak to you, you can know that you are appreciated for giving back. This year the Day of Giving goal is 1,113 donors because we want to keep breaking the donor record from previous years. Help us beat last year’s CWRU All [in] gift record!

All [in]-fluenced

Maybe others have told you this, or maybe you knew this all along: you have put your all into your passions and you want to share that with others so that they might have the chance to experience what you did. You are part of the CWRU community and you’re proud of it. Encourage others to share in the excitement by signing up as an advocate for CWRU All [in]. Then use your personal sharing link to encourage your friends and widespread network to participate in the Day of Giving while your link tracks your individual impact on the campaign.

All [in]-clusive

In your mind there is still more to do because you’re a go-getter! After all, this is a one-day event. You’ve posted your own memory or found other #CWRUallin related content, you’ve made a gift and added to the donor goal, AND you are an official advocate for the Day of Giving campaign. By making a personal plea you can use that passion for CWRU and include others in CWRU All [in] Day of Giving 2017. Tell others what CWRU means to you!

Are you All [in]-vigorated, All [in]-volved, All [in]-fluenced, or All [in]-clusive? The big day is June 14, so get excited!

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