The Best Way to Build Your Brand

You spot someone at a bar or a party, and they’re amazingly attractive. And then you approach them, and realize there isn’t a coherent thought running through their head, and it’s an immediate buzzkill. On the other hand, we’ve all met someone who maybe didn’t blow us away at first glance, but you realize that the more they talk, the more interesting you find them.

That same concept is true when it comes to building your own personal brand. No matter how fancy you package yourself, if there’s no substance behind it, you won’t get very far. So how do you balance creating a brand that shows off an attractive first impression, while also possessing far more beneath the surface?

Keep a student mindset

There’s a learning curve to establishing your brand. In that time, however, the world of technology and information keeps moving, so stay relevant with research and recent developments in your field. If you already have passion for your aspirations, this will be easy, and if you are still discovering, it’s a convenient reason to keep asking questions and to do more research.

Don’t sell yourself short

Ask yourself questions and then be vulnerable and honest as you answer. What are your strengths and points of improvement? What are 5 must-have traits you look for in people and in companies (then list them in order)? Who in your life do you admire and why? Asking and answering the inverse of these questions is just as important too!

Be your own PR

Your friend raves about someone they just met, “You have to meet {insert new friend’s name}!”. Curious, you take out your phone for a Facebook search and then check Instagram.

Similarly, after looking at your application, professionals often turn to a Facebook search and social media sweep. Potential employers want to see who you are before they meet you, so make sure what you post and your presence (online and otherwise) show your best and true self.

Go for it!

Make a conscious effort meet people who are better – smarter and more experienced – than you. You have one shot to make your first impression; don’t throw it away. Know that not every person will be a potential lead, but that each person is a resource and your aim is to gather insights.

Surround yourself with supportive people who have a mix of backgrounds, but also find at least one or two people already in your field who can advise you. It’s a good rule to live by in general, but especially while you are building your brand.

Essentially,  always strive to develop and improve, especially while branding yourself. Easier said than done, right? Creating your brand is a process; one step at a time. You’ve got this!

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