Welcome In!

You’ve interacted with us, but you haven’t met us. You’ve seen what we do, but you haven’t seen how or why we do it.

And now you have the chance to get to know us, for us to know more about you, to have your questions answered, and to ask questions of us. Welcome to The In Crowd!

You make CWRU such a unique place because of who you are and the great things you do. You continue to impress us with your commitment to stay true to your alma mater and your passion to do good for others.

Take 2015-2016 for example: we know that a little can go a long way! Approximately 7500 alumni made gifts of less than $250, but all of those small gifts totaled nearly $770,000. There were also 1,112 undergraduate student donors, which is equivalent to almost 22% of the undergraduate population!

Your philanthropic accomplishments, special campus traditions, memorable experiences, and your connections to CWRU are what we, the storytellers, need to weave the CWRU story. We work to enrich your experiences. We share your stories with alumni, friends, and families.

We communicate the CWRU story from the Office of Annual Giving.

Again, welcome to the launch of The In Crowd blog – we have so much in store for you!


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