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Daniel Anderson 2020-08-01

Hello everybody, welcome to our recipe page, looking for the perfect DELICIOUS AALOO PARATHA WITH RAAIYTA ACHAR KETCHUP & TEA recipe? look no further! We provide you only the best DELICIOUS AALOO PARATHA WITH RAAIYTA ACHAR KETCHUP & TEA recipe here. We also have wide variety of recipes to try.

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We hope you got insight from reading it, now let’s go back to delicious aaloo paratha with raaiyta achar ketchup & tea recipe. You can cook delicious aaloo paratha with raaiyta achar ketchup & tea using 27 ingredients and 26 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

  1. You need ingredients for dough
  2. Provide 1 Kg Medah Or Fine Flour (FINE FLOUR PARATHE WALA)
  3. Provide 1 /2 Pinc Ajwain
  4. Provide 1/2 Tsp Salt
  5. Use 2 Tbsp Butter
  6. You need ingredients for aaloo mixture
  7. Provide 1 Kg Potatoes (RED ONE)
  8. Provide 5 Tbsp Butter
  9. Prepare 2 Tbsp Crushed Red Chilli
  10. You need 2 Tsp Salt
  11. Get 1/2 Tbsp Zeera
  12. You need 1 Onion
  13. You need 25 Giram Green Chillie
  14. Get 1 Tbsp Crushed Dry Dhaniye
  15. Get 1 Bunch Green Coriander
  16. Provide ingredients for raaiyta
  17. You need 250 Giram Youghrt
  18. Take 1 Tbsp Green Coriander
  19. Provide 2 Green Chillie
  20. Prepare 2 Garlic Cloves
  21. You need 1/2 Tsp Zeera
  22. You need Required Salt
  23. Use ingredients for 1 cup tea
  24. You need 1 Cup Milk
  25. You need Tsp TAPAL MIXTURE TEA
  26. Provide 1 Tbsp Sugar
  27. Use 1 Cup Water
  1. Sb Se Pehle Hum Medeh Ya Parathon Wale Fine Aatey Ko Achi Trha Goondh Ke 30 Minutes Ke Lie Cover Kar Ke Chor Dein Ge
  2. Ab Red Potatoes Ko Peel Off Kar Ke Achi Trha Dho Lein. Is Trha Inki Half Matti Nikal Jati Hai.
  3. Ab Red Potatoes Ko Round Shape Mey Bareek Bareek Kaat Lein. Or Again Mal Mal Ke Achi Trha Dho Lein. Is Trha Potatoes Bilkul Saaf Ho Jate Han.
  4. Ab Ek Pan Ko Flame Par Rakh Dein Or Isme Butter Dal Kar Garam Karen. Phr Isme Salt. Crushed Red Chilli.. Or Zeera Dal Kar Saute Karen.
  5. Ab Isme Cutting Karein Hue Aaloo Dal Kar Bhooniye Or Phr Dhakkan Dhakk Ke Pkne Dein. Itna Ke Aaloo Achi Trha Gal Kar Naram Ho Jain.
  6. Jab Aaloo Achi Trha Gal Jain Or Soft Hojian To Inko Ek Khule Bartan Mey Nikal Ke Room Temperature Par Thanda Hone Dein.
  7. Jab Aaloo Thande Ho Jain To Inko Masher Ki Madad Se Achi Trha Mash Kar Lein. Or Mash Krne Ke Baad Inmey Crushed Red Chilli.. Crushed Dhaniya.. Crushed Zeera.. Or Salt Shamil Kar Ke Achi Trha Mix Karein Or Phr Isme Chopped Onion Shamil Karen.
  8. Ab Isme Finally Chopped Green Chillie.. Or Finally Chopped Green Coriander Add Kar Dein.
  9. Ab Mashed Potatoes Mey Crushed Red Chilli.. Crushed Dhaniya.. Crushed Zeera.. Salt.. Chopped Onion.. Chopped Green Coriander.. Or Chopped Green Chillie Add Krne Ke Baad Potatoes Ko Achi Trha Mix Kar Lein.
  10. Ab Goondhe Hue Fine Flour Y'a Medeh Ki Equal Dough Bana Lein.
  11. Ab Ek Dough Ko Lkr Is Trha Bel Lein Or Dusri Dough Ko B Sth Sth Isei Trha Bel Lein.
  12. Ab Bilie Hui Dough Ke Ek Side Par Potatoes Mixture Rakhen.
  13. Ab Dough Ki Second Side Ko First Side Ke Opar Rakh Dein. Or Parathe Ko Achi Trha Cover Kar Lein. Or Parathon Ke Corner Ko Haathon Ki Madad Se Daba Daba Ke Lock Kar Dein. Agr Ap NE Corner Lock Nahi Karein To Potato Mixture Bahr Nikal Jye Ga.
  14. Ab Parathe Ko Bellen Ki Madad Se Achi Trha Bel Lein.
  15. Ab Flame On Kar Ke Ispr Parathon Wala Tawa Rakh Dein. Or Garam Karen.Garam Hone Ke Baad Flame Ko Mediam Kar Ke Parathe Ko. Tawey Par Dal Dein.
  16. Ab Kch Der Mey Paratha Tawey Par Rkhi Hui Side Se Hlka Sa Pak Gya Hoga. To Kch Der Baad Parathe Ko Plat Kar Iski Pki Hui Side Par Butter Lgain.
  17. Ab AalooParathe Ko Palat Ke Second Side Par Bhi Butter LagaLein. Or Aaloo Parathe Ko Achi Trha Senk Lein. Kch Der Parathon Ke Corner Ko Achi Trha Dba Dba Ke Sunken. Is Trha Paratha Acha Banta Hai.
  18. After 2 Minutes Ap ka Soft Soft Yummy Delicious Tasty AALOO PARATHA Perfectly Ready Hai.
  19. Raaiyta Banane Ke Liey Ek Bowl Mey Salt.. Crushed Zeera..Finally Chopped Green Chillie.. Finally Chopped Green Coriander Dal Kar Achi Trha Mix Karein. Or Phr Isme Youghrt Dal Kar Hand Bitter Se Achi Trha Phent Lein. Phenten Ke Baad Raaiyte Ko Serving Bowl Mey Nikal Kar Is Par Coriander Flower Saja Dein Lijye Ap Ka Green Raaiyta B Ready Hgya.
  20. Tea Bnane Ke Lie First Step Ap Ek Pan Mey Milk Dal Ke Osko Achi Trha Boil Karein.
  21. Ab Flame Ko Slow Kar Ke Milk Ko 20 Minutes Pkne Dein.
  22. Ab Ek Or Pan Mey Paani Garam Karen Phr Isme Sugar Or TAPAL MIXTURE TEA Dal Kar Itna Pkain Ke Paani Half Reh Jaye.
  23. Jab Chaaye Ka Paani Half Ho Jye To Isko Ek Cup Mey Dal Dein.
  24. Ab Isme Boiled Milk Shamil Kar Dein. Lijye Ap Ka. Garma Garam Tea Cup B Ready Hai.
  25. Yummy Aaloo Ka Paratha Raaiyta Or 1 Cup Tea.
  26. MASHA ALLAH MASHA ALLAH Aaaloo Ka Paratha With Raaiyta Ketchup Youghrt Final & Ready Look.

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