Happy New Year (in July)!

Our countdown to the new year started months ago when there was still a lot left to do before we could officially wrap up the end of the year on July 1st. We had one more big hurdle before we could put the finishing touches on the 2017 academic year: the Day of Giving. The […]

Are You Going All [in] on June 14th?

Welcome to the alumni family, Class of 2017! Best of luck to you as you start the next chapter in life. The rest of the students have moved out of the dorms and campus is quiet; all seems to have simmered down now that summer is upon us. Meanwhile, things have been moving in the […]

The Essentials of Making New Friends

Now that you have some suggestions on ways to meet people – Better than Netflix and Chill and Dare to Care by Volunteering –  it’s also might be valuable to know how to approach the next, and more challenging aspect from a recent graduate who has found success with making new friends.  Making friends is like dating in that every relationship begins […]

Dare to Care By Volunteering

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi Years later, his legacy and words of wisdom are still relevant and relatable. The more you earnestly invest in volunteering, the more humbled you’ll feel because you know you helped out of goodwill for the small price […]

Better Than Netflix and Chill

With over 160 student organizations all in one place at CWRU, you don’t need to think twice about how to get involved. The only “tough” decision is trying to narrow down and commit. Once you step out of the college bubble though, that’s where it gets real. Outside of college, you can start anew. Hobbies […]

The Best Way to Build Your Brand

You spot someone at a bar or a party, and they’re amazingly attractive. And then you approach them, and realize there isn’t a coherent thought running through their head, and it’s an immediate buzzkill. On the other hand, we’ve all met someone who maybe didn’t blow us away at first glance, but you realize that […]

We’ll Be There for You

When was the last time you thought to yourself ‘I can’t adult today’? There’s so much to do: apply for jobs or for graduate/professional school, geographically relocate, maintain your social life, or just figure out what to do with your life after commencement. Through all of this, you’ll find a whirlwind of excitement and uncertainty […]